eeh haa The face of the oven is now complete I am yet to tile the front landing..
Left side wall is complete Right side wall under construction Left side wall from the inside
Right side wall from the inside Right side wall is now complete Back side wall is complete and started on the internal wall
This is where the final wall goes in, then it is time for insulation. Left wall complete Right and final wall complete
Insulation - vermicrete - filling this side. To be continued. Insulation - vermicrete - complete A layer of wire mesh to separate the insulation from the concrete
A layer of concrete - more to come The oven roof was filled was concrete. The oven is now complete.
Now I can start on the side. The form for the side counter - complete. The concrete slab(base) for the side counter - complete. The front platform is now complete.
Not too shaby. Terracota tiles for the side. The side platform is complete.
The oven is done. Landscaping and cosmetics will have to wait until I recover from the expenses. Let's start baking and cooking.